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Au Seve

[Lens] Bettie XL [Film] Dylan [Flash] Off  

Straight To The Moon

[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] Ina’s 1935 [Flash] Dreampop

Box Clever

[Lens] Bettie XL [Film] Ina’s 1969 [Flash] Jolly Rainbo 2X

Mr Miyagi

[Lens] Lucifer VI [Film] AO DLX [Flash] Standard

This Love

[Lens] Libatique 73 [Film] Pistil [Flash] Cadet Blue

Three Sided Shape

[Lens] Lucas AB2 [Film] Ina’s 1969 [Flash] Off

Crossing The Lines

[Lens] Lucifer VI [Film] Blanko [Flash] Standard

Keep It

[Lens] Bettie XL [Film] Ina’s 1969 [Flash] Jolly Rainbo 2X

Be Your Sound

[Lens] Hornbecker [Film] Blanko [Flash] Jolly Rainbo 2X


[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] AO BW [Flash] Standard  

Bruised Water

[Lens] Lucas AB2 [Film] Blanko Noir [Flash] Jolly Rainbo 2X  


[Lens] Libatique [Film] Ina’s 1969 [Flash] Standard

One Cell Short Of A Brain

[Lens] Tejas [Film] Blanko Noir [Flash] RedEye

Arcadia Magik

[Lens] Kaimal Mark 2 [Film] Ina’s 1969 [Flash] Cherry Shine

Flight 643

[Lens] Libatique 73 [Film] Ina’s 1969 [Flash] Standard

Talk Like That

[Lens] Matty ALN [Film] Kodot XGrizzled [Flash] Standard

Black Velvet

[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] BlacKeys B+W [Flash] Standard

Love In Stereo

[Lens] Chunky [Film] Pistil [Flash] Laser Lemon

In This Life

[Lens] John S [Film] Float [Flash] Standard

All Is Now

[Lens] Salvador 84 [Film] Blanko [Flash] Standard

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