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Go On Then

[Lens] John S [Film] Claunch 72 [Flash] Standard

The Hipstamatch App

It’s never ending. Just when you thought you had mastered all the combos, our beloved Hipstamatic/Synthetic crew release yet another amazing HipstaPak. What do you? Spend hours cycling thru the different combos til… Continue reading


[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] Float [Flash] RedEye

Psychic Sensor

[Lens] John S [Film] Blanko Noir [Flash] Off

Coming Home

[Lens] Americana [Film] Ina’s 1935 [Flash] Jolly Rainbo 2X


[Lens] Libatique [Film] Ina’s 1969 [Flash] Standard

Over The Rainbow

[Lens] Libatique 73 [Film] Pistil [Flash] Cadet Blue


[Lens] Lucifer VI [Film] AO DLX [Flash] Off


[Lens] Lucas AB2 [Film] Ina’s 1969 [Flash] Jolly Rainbo 2X


[Lens] Lucifer VI [Film] AO DLX [Flash] Standard

Talk Like That

[Lens] Matty ALN [Film] Kodot XGrizzled [Flash] Standard

Yet Another Day

[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] BlacKeys SuperGrain [Flash] Standard

Heavy Cross

[Lens] Lucifer VI [Film] Claunch 72 [Flash] Standard

Audio Rodeo

[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] BlacKeys B+W [Flash] Standard


[Lens] Bettie XL [Film] Kodot XGrizzled [Flash] None

One Heart

[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] Blanko [Flash] Standard

Love And Let Love

[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] BlackKeys SuperGrain [Flash] Standard

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