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Crossing The Lines

[Lens] Lucifer VI [Film] Blanko [Flash] Standard

Self Control

[Lens] Melodie [Film] Rock B-W 11 [Flash] Off

Piercing Quiet

[Lens] Lucifer VI [Flash] AO DLX [Flash] Standard

Heavy Cross

[Lens] Lucifer VI [Film] Claunch 72 [Flash] Standard

Audio Rodeo

[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] BlacKeys B+W [Flash] Standard

Carbon Occasions

[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] BlacKeys B+W [Flash] Standard

Brain Box

[Lens] Tejas [Film] Ina’s 1935 [Flash] Laser Lemon

So There I Was

[Lens] Chunky [Film] Alfred Infrared [Flash] None

Love And Let Love

[Lens] Helga Viking [Film] BlackKeys SuperGrain [Flash] Standard

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